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“Bridging the Gap” is a collaboration between the Global Health Forum, University of Arizona College of Medicine, and the Sociedad Estudiantil de Medicina, Universidad de Sonora. The gathering brings together students, medical professionals, and others from both the United States and Mexico to learn about and discuss healthcare issues affecting our respective sides of the border and to build cross-cultural relationships. “Bridging the Gap” is an opportunity for education, discussion, and collaboration between professionals, students and community members from both the US and Mexico.

The basis for the conference is the belief that the US and Mexico border region is a unified health community and faces common challenges. This year, our theme is “Interprofessional Cooperation along the Border.” We want this conference to focus on health, social and legal issues on the border, and how different professions can collaborate to provide a better quality of life for our patients and clients. We hope to enlighten and educate attendees, while seeking to foster cooperation between future medical professionals from both countries.

This year we are conducting a Poster Session, in which students or organizations will be able to showcase research, clinical or program focused work that highlights various immigrant health, social and legal issues along the border. Abstract submissions will be hand-selected for poster presentation by October 1st. Please see “Poster Symposium” page for more details. Any organizations working on the border, interested in raising awareness about their cause may send representatives during our noon session. Please see “Club Fair” page for more information and registration.

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We are divided by a border, but united by our concern for the health and welfare of others.

Conference is being held at University of Arizona College of Medicine / University of Arizona Medical Center- University Campus; 1501 N. Campbell Ave., Tucson, AZ 85724.